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What to Bake this Eid? 'Apple Pie' Tarte Tatin and Why?

'apple pie' tarte tatin recipe | Halal Home Cooking
What's not to love about the classic flavours of sweet cinnamon and apple?
drenched in caramel all sat on a crisp base of shortcrust pastry, I don't like using the word perfect but this dessert is as close as it gets for me, when you want something gourmet with a rustic chic by that i mean it looks homemade and it is, by you and I for or on EID morning.

In about 1 hour (40 minutes of which is cooking time) you have this delicious and irresistible tart on your hands which is why i suggest you bake this EID morning and eat it for breakfast come brunch but also you could rustle it up later that afternoon for a late lunch come dinner dessert, yes I find mealtimes merge into each other another sign I am on no strict diet here.

You can even bake this the evening before but keep it firmly out of the way (if you can) in it's pan and give it a quick re-heat in the oven for about 5 minutes before you want to serve. As with most sweets, fresh and warm out of the oven is always going to be better especially for visuals as the apples still look plump rather than shrivelled and the caramel is glossy not dull so yes make this but be prepared to eat it there and then and of course share!    
                                         'apple pie' tarte tatin recipe | Halal Home Cooking
Recipe can be found here  simply sprinkle 1/2 tsp cinnamon in the pan before you lay down the apples or sprinkle after the apples if you don't like seeing too much of the cinnamon. 
I sprinkled before laying the apples and who doesn't want to see exactly what they are about to eat? and yes those instructions makes no sense now but tarte tatin is baked upside down so once you read the recipe you will know exactly what i mean, in sha Allah.
'apple pie' tarte tatin recipe | Halal Home Cooking


  • I used a tarte tatin pan but you could use a round cake tin of the same size (20cm/8inch) just make sure it's not a loose base type or use a cast iron skillet and always wear oven gloves! 
  • Use medium-big apples and quarter them. Make sure to pack the apples in (don't be scared) as they shrink back when cooked and you want it to be full with little pastry showing.
  • Use exactly the amount stated (at least 500 grams) I went with 5 quite small garla apples (i wanted granny smiths as i prefer a tart apple but work with what you have as long as it's suitable for eating) as it looked enough but more would have been better. 
  • Try your best to tuck the pastry over/under the apples, i had a bit of difficulty with that as everything is so hot and the pastry is soo soft and breaks up easy so a lot of patching up was needed but don't let that put you off it tastes as good, if not better than it looks.

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