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Asalamu Alaikum Sisters, Hello everyone

My apologies for all of you who have commented on my blog posts in recent months without receiving a response from me, you see old blogger was better as I would receive an email or at least a notification in my dashboard letting me know I had a new comment.

google+ is great for social networking BUT if your like me and don't check yours every day, you miss comments on your blog posts and I hate not feeling connected with my readers which is why ive decided to remove google+ comments and go old skool again.

Until next post fee amanillah <3



Algerian Karantita/Karantika

algerian karantita / karantika / garantita recipe | Halal Home Cooking
Asalamu alaikum sisters & hello everyone.

Many of you may already know I recently moved home, i've been super busy packing, unpacking plus with a new born on board everything or rather I have taken a back seat and not just stopped blogging about baking but baking entirely BUT now Great British Bake Off is BACK so am I.

Today I present you with a typical street food of my husband's home country Algeria.

Karantita a savoury sandwich filling usually accompanied with a dash of harissa/hot pepper paste, it's really hard to resist.
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