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Cup to Spoon measurements

convert cups to tablespoons
Credit goes to Noor for this useful spoon to cup conversion table 

Salam Alaikum (Peace be upon you)/ Hello my readers,

It's been a while since I posted, I have been searching for my blogging voice, mojo whatever you want to call it but that doesn't been I haven't been baking oh no! I have made a number of muffins, bread, cupcakes, etc they have either not turned out as pretty as I wanted or I have simply just been off mood for spending time snapping pics and now to top it off my oven broke, yes really!

For a while now the door handles have been falling off and then two days ago the fan stopped working and I smelled a terrible burning when I was about to bake my first attempt at a 8 strand braided loaf! I immediately switched the oven off whipped out my halogen oven gave it the once over (cleaned it) and transferred unsucessfully the braided loaf to a smaller tray and baked, let's just sayit was edible but not pretty lol I was thankful alhamduillah that the stove part of my cooker was still working but then that stopped working yesterday too! Well, I have always wanted a conventional electric oven anyway, ever since my baking has become a daily habit, (it seems i can't go a day without feeling the urge even if i dont give in) as i have heard there better than electric fan ovens for baking, so when we have enough £ saved or a bargain comes our way that is what I hope to buy, inshaAllah (God willing)

I have experimented with halogen oven baking but hardly any of my tins/pans fit and I have noticed with cakes and bread especially, the top bakes while the bottom remains soft/pasty. I read online somewhere to treat cooking/baking in a halogen oven like a fan oven i.e lower temperature for less time but then I've had personal advice suggesting to bake at a higher temperature for longer which seems the right advice according to my experience so far... If any of you have specific halogen oven baking recipes feel free to share, thank you and until my next post, peace / Salam 

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Vanilla, Almond & Orange Blossom Ice Cream (egg free)

vanilla almond orange blossom ice cream (egg free) recipe | Halal Home Cooking
I wanted to create a new and unique ice cream flavour for Eid which is just around the corner.

The Almond and Orange Blossom flavour was inspired by algerian sweets such as Qalb El Louz and Tcherek so here it is, enjoy!

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Strawberry Ice Cream (Egg Free)

strawberry ice cream recipe | Halal Home Cooking
I love making things from scratch, yes you can buy ice cream fairly cheaply at the supermarket but i would much rather make my own that way you know exactly what it contains and lets face it home made ice cream tastes far better, why? because it has far less air incorporated during the churning process, making it much creamier and satisfying by the spoonful.
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Brown Eyed Baker's Burger Buns

brown eyed bakers burger bun recipe | Halal Home Cooking
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Yummy Break!

Salam Alaikum / hello readers,

Have you noticed, i have been rather slow in coming forward with recipes this month? this is purely because i haven't baked that much, due to it being Ramadan and the only demands in my house are Qalb El Louz Qalb El Louz Qalb El Louz. Yes i have had quite enough, i finally baked my third and final in the correct size dish (33cm by 22cm) and it worked out well Alhamduillah.

Don't ask me for the recipe of those pretty cupcakes pictured above, ok i no longer have it however, look on the back of a packet of tesco's light brown sugar it should be there. I have to confess, the cupcakes were not 'all that' apart from the rose butter cream swirl that is.

I sooo can't wait for the new series of The Great British Bake Off to start next week, what about you? forget the Olympics! OOOps did i just say that out loud

My next bake it! doesn't actually involve baking but more of that another day....

Peace and Love