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Braided Cheddar Cheese Bread

cheddar cheese braided loaf recipe | Halal Home Cooking
I admit these braided loaves are not the best example of the braiding technique you will ever see.

I can assure you they are packed full of cheesy goodness and have an extremely soft interior, you won't remember the shape or form they come in but you will remember the delicious flavour, which what is most important right?
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Algerian Ramadan Dessert - Qalb El Louz / Kalb Ellouze / H'rissa / Chamia (egg free)

algerian qalb el louz recipe | Halal Home Cooking
Qalb El Louz (translates to Heart of Almonds) is a rich, semolina dessert filled with almonds, baked, drenched in sugar syrup and is considered a must have in all Algerian homes during Ramadan.
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Lahm Lhalou - My Family Version Of Sweet Meat (Algerian Ramadan Special)

El Ham Lahlou is a traditional Algerian dish served in Ramadan at the end of the day to break ones fast. Made salt free to prevent thirst and yes you have guessed right is super sweet!
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Ramadan Mubarak & Lemon Lime Drizzle Cake

lemon lime drizzle loaf cake recipe | Halal Home Cooking
Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim readers & hello to you all,
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Top Tip Tuesday: How to frost/ice a cake like a pro!

(photo taken from the daily meal)
I found this short little video how to frost a cake like a pro, hope it will be of use to you and me, once I get a cake decorating turntable that is, do you have one?

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Khobz dyal Zraa' - North African Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

north african whole wheat bread recipe | Halal Home Cooking
Khobz dyal Zraa' is a popular bread for women to bake at home in North Africa.
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Mint Chocolate Madeleines

mint chocolate madeleines recipe | Halal Home Cooking
Earlier this week i mentioned my trouble baking Madeleines, it's not that I haven't made them before but well i was out of practice and had forgotten which recipe I previously used. 

This is one of the reasons I started to blog so I would have a log of all my favourite baking recipes without having to search in cupboards and draws for that printed recipe you know you had but it's not in there now, dilemma.
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pizza base and sauce recipe | Halal Home Cooking
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Upcoming Ramadan & Baking Experiments This Week

Can you believe we are inshaAllah(God willing) 8 days aways from Ramadan?! Yes, the count down has begun in this household.

While i am looking forward to making the traditional Algerian syrup laden sweet Qalb El Louz/Heart of Almond (i plan to feature this on blog so stay tuned!) i hope inshAllah to not focus much on over indulgent iftars(breaking fast meal) / suhoors(pre-fast meal) and concentrate on more beneficial acts such as reading the Quran etc

This week i have been trying my hardest to perfect the Madeleine. Madeleine's are classically french génoise shell shaped sponges usually flavoured with lemon zest or fragrant flower waters(Rose/Orange Blossom)

So far, nil poi > 0 points which is just typical for an English girl (anyone that has ever watch euro vision will understand) my little treats won't come out of their supposedly non-stick mold. Which by the way i butter and have even floured on occassion, maybe a different recipe is needed me thinks.

Many of you are aware my 1year old daughter has food allergies, so this week i am experimenting with various courgette and carrot cake recipes to make dairy, egg and gluten free cake/ mini cupcakes. Again, when i am happy with my baked creations i will share photos and recipes InshaAllah

In the words of my friend ''Keep Calm And Prepare For Ramadan''



Naan Bread

naan bread recipe | Halal Home Cooking

True Naan Bread is baked in a Tandoor oven but guess what? yes, I don't have one of those, so my extra hot electric fan oven will suffice.
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Orange & Raspberry Cupcakes

orange raspberry ripple cupcakes recipe | Halal Home Cooking

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Raspberry Ripple Mascarpone Buttercream Icing

raspberry ripple buttercream recipe | Halal Home Cooking
Home baking is so forgiving of the nonidentical froster in you!
This icing came about as my husband likes soft, creamy not too sweet frosting's on cupcakes.
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Saharan Stuffed Vegetables (Dolma)

jenny morris saharan stuffed peppers recipe

Dolma (means 'stuffed thing' in turkish) is an array of stuffed vegetable dishes from the cuisines of many countries. Although the best known is probably the grape-leaf dolma from the Turkish cuisine.

A rare event happened to me whilst watching TV (the food network channel) the other day. 

I saw a recipe that seemed and sure enough was EASY to achieve in my little kitchen, better still it involved a bit of baking! but without all the excitement i.e. watching your bake rise,expand, melt, turn into golden deliciousness hhhmmmm

This dish while it is mildly spicy and meaty also has little golden nuggets of sweetness from the apricot and sultanas, perfect for both adults and children.

While i daydream about my next bake, you go and check out Jenny Morris's Saharan Stuffed Pepper recipe 

Like i did you can use other vegetables such as courgettes, aubergines or even beef tomatoes would be nice too, just adjust the bake time accordingly.

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Baked Moroccan Harcha (Harsha)

baked moroccan harcha recipe | Halal Home Cooking
Harcha (Harsha) is a moroccan flatbread made of semolina that is usually pan-fried.
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