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Halal Home Cooking Is Moving!

As-Salaamu Alaykum,
I've finally done it and got my own domain, not only that I got on the blog train to wordpress! masha'Allah 
Whilst i sift through and format each worthy recipe plus fix the countless broken links, please kindly update your feedreader and / or sign up for home (email) delivery on http://www.halalhomecooking.com/ 
It might be a while until i update the new site with recipes, as you read i've got a lot to do along with family commitments. In the meantime let's stay connected via social media.
P.S. I will leave this blog up for a few weeks before redirecting. 



Spicy Flame-Grilled Bell Pepper & Tomato Salad

spicy flame grilled bell pepper tomato salad recipe
Twice cooked salad, yes twice!
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Halal Tiramisu (alcohol free)

alcohol free halal tiramisu recipe
After watching this years #GBBO bakers make Tiramisu cake...
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Chicken, Pepper & Spinach 'Jollof' Rice

chicken, pepper and spinach 'jollof' rice recipe
A spicy chicken and rice dish based on the classic west African 'jollof' rice.
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Food For Thought - Chickpeas + 2 Recipes

food for thought - chickpeas
I decided to bring back my Food For Thought series.

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Maryam's Sunshine Cinnamon Rolls

Maryam's sunshine cinnamon rolls recipe
Soft, sweet cinnamon rolls covered in a sticky cream cheese and orange glaze. 
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Another Loubia B'lham - White Bean & Lamb Soup

algerian loubia b'lham - white bean & lamb soup recipe
Rainy days in England call for soup, Algerian soup.
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Black Seed, Date & Honey Flapjacks/Oat Bars

black seed, date and honey flapjacks / oat bars recipe
Bittersweet flapjacks/oat bars - ideal for a healthier breakfast or snack.
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MENA Cooking Club: Egypt

egyptian red lentil soup
This month MENA Cooking Club members were set the challenge to cook like an Egyptian!
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EID Mubarak! "Taqabbala Allahu minna wa minkum." ("May Allah accept from us, and from you.")


What to Bake this Eid? 'Apple Pie' Tarte Tatin and Why?

'apple pie' tarte tatin recipe | Halal Home Cooking
What's not to love about the classic flavours of sweet cinnamon and apple?
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